About Us


Since the foundation of Royalty Language School in 2007, we have established a well-deserved reputation as one of Alexandria’s leading educational institutions. With a team of experienced, fully accredited teaching professionals, we are committed to fulfilling the school’s mission of achieving high academic standards and well-rounded morally-strong characters for generations of young Egyptians.

Our Mission

The mission of school is to provide a secure and nurturing environment that fosters students' success, to develop interpersonal skills through real-world experiences, to promote the exchange of ideas through multiple medium and to engage communities near and far.

Our Vision

The vision for school is to challenge its students to earn a high school diploma that prepares them for a college or professional career, to become globally competitive, technologically literate citizens, and to be committed to infinite learning.


1. Student learning is a lifelong process and the chief priority of the school. 2. Student learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process. 3. A safe, comfortable and nurturing environment promotes student learning. 4. Clearly defined expectations coupled with a challenging curriculum, which is set at a high, but achievable, level fosters student success. 5. Having sufficient time to learn and appropriate support are critical enablers. 6. The quality of education depends upon the quality of the teachers in the classroom. 7. The appropriate utilization of technology optimizes student achievement. 8. Desired student outcomes can best be achieved through supportive interaction between school, home, and community. 9. Faculty must be exposed to ongoing professional development. 10. Relationships of mutual respect enhance teaching and learning. 11. Adequate staff, facilities, funds, and resources must be provided in order to maximize individual student achievement.